With more than 20 years of experience in production, our company can offer you development, design and manufacture of all types of pressure vessels in vertical or horizontal versions, with or without mixers, for transporting a wide variety of media made from black or stainless sheet metal.

The company has a certificate from the certification company BV (CE0062) for manufacturing Category I, II, III and IV pressure vessels according to modules B + E and H1 (modular approach to ensuring compliance of pressure equipment products.) associated with Directive 97/23/EC. We have a certificate for performing welding works pursuant to SIST EN 729-3 and SIST EN 12732 A, B and C ranging from TIG, MIG/MAG, EO, EPP and PULSE for stainless and black materials. Our welders are regularly A-tested by the Welding Institute, and we also have 12 verified welding procedures (WPAR) for welding black and stainless sheet metal. The company employs highly-qualified staff with VT Level 1+2 certificates for visual inspection of welds pursuant to DIN 473:2000.


Depending on the client’s requests and standards, a technical map of the product is presented at the time of the turnover, and also includes a CE conformity declaration, a valid statement on the first pressure testing, designs with parts lists, instructions for use and installation, a warranty and other required documents. The other required documents remain in the ZUVAR archive for a period of 10 years.

All of the above is a guarantee to the client and a warranty of a quality, usable product.